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Bible Tabs,75 Tabs,Minimal Morandi

Bible Tabs,75 Tabs,Minimal Morandi

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Package includes:

75 * Morandi Bible tabs


1,75 Morandi Bible tabs, designed to bring organization and inspiration. This set includes a collection of 39 tabs for the Old Testament books, 27 tabs for the New Testament books, and 9 additional blank tabs for customization.

2,Bible tabs make a stylish addition to any bible, bringing unique Morandi minimal patterns in a durable, tearproof, long-lasting design. Their matte finish provides an elegant touch for maximum elegance.

3,Applying Bible indexing tabs with the provided alignment guide has never been easier. These pre-cut tabs are designed to be quickly and easily folded for your convenience.

4,With their large, clear font and bright printing, these bible tabs offer a convenient organizational tool for those looking to engage in Bible study or journaling.

5,Bible tabs are excellent presents for your friends and family. Whether having daily readings with them or simply gifting to a fellow church member, this will surely inspire everyone.

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